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IM BACK [09 May 2008|09:09pm]
im back in this piece.
life is getting closer to what i always dreamed of, im skating alll dayy again with the crew which is mostly brian, dennis, phillip, larry, glen, and esteban. im sponsored and getting ready to tour in 4 weeks >.< we are filming and stuff, hitting spots all over miami, driving around ripping new spots. the team is got big goals, and we are skating hard. i gave up on love for a while that shit sucks when ur a starving artist. i wish that everybody that used to skate with us back then started again. that would be the shiznittt
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sometimes [02 Feb 2007|04:45am]
we all need a drink and a La Corona cigar
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LOL [27 Jan 2007|03:41am]
i cant believe i found my livejournal.... memoriess. back in the days man, the FUCK THE WORLD spirit...the ALL I WANA DO IS SKATE spirit. the talking trash....i can see how ive progressed over the years, but im still the same fucker, i just got bigger haha. i feel like i should write something that is happpening now so i can look back at it some day. so here it goes....
so life is totally weird right now..i always thought that when you get older you start to follow life. but that shit is not happening! im about to turn 19 and it feels weird. college is good and im doing good, but i feel like im not keeping my edge. am i the only person who is not good with directions? somebody can tell me to do something and i can do it, but if they try to tell me how to do it, i will totally fuck it up?? am i the only one like that? i love experiencing things. alot of people are scared of rollercoasters...i love those shits! its always a new experience, it makes me feel alive. so do fights. i feel as if thats one problem with people today, they are dead inside. people need love and pain and adrenaline to function. but what im seeing everyday is people that live a fake life, a life they made up inside their heads, a routine life. fuck routines, thats how you numb yourself. seems like a wrote alot. peace
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<<<<>>>>> [29 Jun 2006|05:09am]
muhfugah, 4th of july is comming up. PARTAAAAAAAYY!! ummm thats right, hot chicks, hot sun, fireworks, i like
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duuuuude [14 Jun 2006|03:14am]
this is insane, im sitting here bored as fuckkk, all the sudden there isnt anything to do in miami. the night life is str8 but clubs and everything like that gets boring after a while. i mean yea the girls are hot, but theres more to life than that. i wana know whats up with everybody. its summer wtf, everytime i go to the beach there isnt really alot of people there. whats wrong with miami? miami is looking weak. yea jetskiing is fun, but not too many people have one and its not that fun too because theres not waves. alright guys i need ideas. skateboarding is awesome but im kinda tired of it. surfing: no waves. miami is getting BORING! everybody just wants to get fucked up. parties are all about getting fucked up and hooking up. does anybody have any cool ideas? im down for anything im european i need crazy shit to do.
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the meaning of life [03 May 2006|08:08pm]
good evening. today i questioned alot of things. but what got me questionning the most was when i heard this girl's speach about the meaning of life. i gtg now il finish this up later.
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the entry i cant believe im writing but needs to be written for record keeping [26 Apr 2006|08:04pm]
ive figured out that i tend to fall in love with "the black marble out of the bag." the most passionate girls. the girls that love u forever but it never tends to work out because of fate. i think theres a word for it. i dont know the word, but im cursed. everytime i fall in love it proves impossible to continue. one day when i was about 9 i met a girl and it was love at first sight. we hooked up and it was fucking amazing. but the next day she left to another city because she was on vacation. she remained in my head for a very long time, years. later on i fell in love with a girl that was totally out of my class, really rich girl. again, love at first sight. but this time she pushed me away with all her effort because we were going to go to different schools. similar events took place further in my life. and now, i met this girl that is totally amazing, love at first sight. i used to catch her staring at me for long periods of time. i tried talking to her several times. she was the biggest bitch to me. i never understood what was going on. eventually she started being nice to me. so i asked her to the prom. she seemed very happy. we went to prom, she was the prettiest girl there, every girl i knew told me that she looked like a model and started asking me alot of questions. w.e. after that, she ditches me to go with her friends instead of comming with me to the afterparty. that pissed me off. i thought she was a bitch at heart. so the next day at school i didnt talk to her. but she seemed to be hppy about going with me to the prom and seemed all giddy and cute. as if we had had a great time. so i oculdnt be mad at her anymore. then next day, i was super nice to her because i started to figure out why she had acted like that. her parents. anyways, i would compliment her on all her prettyness and i walked her to class (which i almost never did before). she seemed to like what i was doing. but it didnt spark any new emotions within her. that confused me. and today, i had class with her, and i was nicer than normal to her, but i remained serious (no stupid jokes or anything.) she seemed to like the kisses i was giving her. but what was weird is that her friend asked me if i liked her and i said yea, then she said, "oh but not like that only as friends." thats exactly what i didnt mean. plus she kinda got nervous after that. that kinda put the second to last pieces of the puzzle in place. then when i called her this afternoon, she gave me a little blow off with the "u might be going to college out of state u never know hehe." when i brought up a subject that invilved contact over the summer. then she started telling me that shes going to college in Switzerland so she can secure her future just incase she ever got divorced. given that she "is going to get married very soon and have kids." thats when it hit me. SHES RELIGIOUS. herparents will make her get married pretty soon. just like any jewish girl. and this is not something that can be prevented withought a huge scandal. so old fashioned. well anyways. now i understand what has been happening. shes in love with me but knows it wont work out because i wont be willing to marry her so soon. but heres what i dont get, why does she not let me go??? i tried ignoring her and ending everything but she didnt want that. so what is it???? so much for this love story. u guys have no idea how she kisses. the most passionate kiss i think ever possible. now i know why shes been kissing me as if we'll die tomorrow.
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[25 Mar 2006|01:58am]
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[21 Mar 2006|11:54pm]
finally figured out how to put up any song on myspace. if u need help i got the code. cracked LimewirePro, its way faster. My dear friend/companion Esteban got the passwords for milf hunter and other similar cites. im going to post them here later.
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[17 Mar 2006|01:46am]
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SHOW ME YOUR TITTIES! [27 Feb 2006|09:41pm]
i want all the hot girls to send me a picture of their titties. my email address is chillinskater31@hotmail.com thank you
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versatile [07 Feb 2006|08:50pm]
it feels good to have ur mind clear. chill and not think about anything. but what happens is that u just start thinking about everything all over again and u dont get as far as u did. fear is also a crazy thing. it works fast but it leads to hate which is unproductive.
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[02 Feb 2006|07:14pm]
as seen here, Clinton and his boi castro are playing cops and robbers. elian sucks at this game, he always startes crying.
Bill Clinton seen here, copying a boy's answers in school, said that, "i had to finish fast because monica was waiting for me in he bathroom."
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im back nuggu [24 Jan 2006|08:16pm]
whats up guys its been a while, i stil think livejournal is pretty gay because of the people on it and how its like, "omg did u read my lj today??? like totaly i did! Shut Up, u did not!" shut up faggots.

anyways, i got a story about Abercromby and Finch. how gay are the "straight guys" there? i really couldnt tell whos gay and whos not when i went in there. its obvious they all look gay, but they all talk gay too. and its funny because all those kids used to be ghetto in middle school! like shai, some fat kid, he used to be in the Aventura Thugs back in middle school! now he bleached his hair blonde and he wears pure A&F. and talks like a fag. ABERCROMBIE GIRLS ARE HOTT! burnettes are the hottest! but i dont descriminate, except, NO FAT CHICKS!! do u feel me or what?
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[10 Oct 2005|03:52pm]
UF was fun, i got to see wayne brady live stand up. hes a funny guy. and the funniest thing about UF was the spirit shared by the school, "Freshman girls are my anti-drug."
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still chillin [05 Oct 2005|01:54am]
aa!! so much shit to do! damn this fucking girl, shes ignoring me because shes always scared of a broken heart. i gotta take a leak so brb. k that was good. so yea, i was like alecia keys, i was her diary and kept all her secrets. and 1 little mistake on my part caused her to ignore me. i need advise from girls, u girls know how to fix things like that. if it was a guy, i know how to work things out, but girls are so Fucking complicated! thats why i love them! u girls need to write a book called "what guys dont know about us" itl be the best seller. id buy it right now. help?
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im feelin the beat [30 Sep 2005|12:12am]
......its the feelin, get high and keep fiendin, we be chillin in the cavi, dont hate cuz i got no ferrari, my boy esteban said pass the blunt, i said nigga keep your hands off me before u get jumped, slumped, badly bruised and fucking dumped in the trunk where the bodies rot and there aint never cops. my boy stony said ur pimpin, wait a motherfucking minute, im just talkin shit, it must be this motherfucking nick, got my head split, yea right, me and my homebois we be tokin in the GP, that nigga blake always coppin from the VP, then we took it to the rock and school sucks cock. what? cock? yes bitch, i said fucking cock, take it as a mock, i dont give a fock! i give it one time for the penthouse, thats where we used to chill out, but the motherfucking pigs dont know what its all about. its all about the feelin, get high and keep fiendin......
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[31 Aug 2005|10:36pm]
got a light?
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[11 Aug 2005|03:41am]
I met this lady in hollywood
she had green hair but damn she looked good
I took her to my house because she was fine
but she whooped out a dick that was bigger than mine

I met this lady from Japan
never made love with an african
I fucked her once, I fucked her twice
I ate that pussy like shrimp-fried rice

Don't be amazed at the stories I tell ya (tell ya)
I met a woman in the heart of Australia
Had a big butt and big titties too
So I hopped in her ass like kangaroo

See I met this woman from Hawaii
stuck it in her ass and she said "aiyee"
lips was breakfast, pussy was lunch
then her titties busted open with hawaiian punch

I met colonel sanders wife in the state of kentucky
said I'll fry some chicken if you'd just fuck me
I came in her mouth, it was a crisis
I gave her my secret blend of herbs and spices
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[25 Mar 2005|10:53pm]
yo people what up. comment annonimously, anything. lets see how much shit people can talk, this better be good
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